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    The momentan ominous gazeis upon us,this is the moment.The momentwe take care ofour pride.The momentwe stand for a lover.The momentwe believe thatall strangers can dance, this is the moment.The momentwe whistle the dramaand we gongthe red clouds forspare rain,this is the moment.The momentwe say: I wish fora sunset, a walk anda slice of longingand we…

  • I am a She

    Her.I call her She.Obdurate and primeval and congenial. She, is ready to adjust. It is the voice of ancient women.Queens that got beheaded, courtesans that got stoned, witches that got burned alive. Only the housewife survives.Old blood that I still try to get rid of. I follow her one and only ethic.I discover precious moments…

  • The Taboo Emotion of Feminine Anger – Part 3

    As a dramaturg and performer myself, I am very much interested in the experience of anger through stage formats and aesthetics that include humor as the core mechanism of resistance to which this “new woman” adapts. Violence against women, domestic violence, misogynistic practices, the dead feminine body, the emotion of anger, gender-based discrimination and social…

  • The Taboo Emotion of Feminine Anger – Part 2

    “Rethinking the category of the woman”, as Judith Butler claims, maybe we need first to place the “new woman” in an imaginary or mythical landscape and to meditate on what it means in the present day to be a “100% human personality”.  First and foremost, it means a human being that is not afraid that…

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The Host

Dimitra (she/her) is a dramaturg, cultural manager and performer based in Berlin, Germany. She writes short stories, plays, essays and love letters.

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